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How to reduces lower back pain by Yoga??


Yoga and physical therapy(PT) are effective approaches to treating co-occurring sleep disturbance and back pain while reducing the need for medication, a new study suggests. Published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, the research from Boston University in the US, showed significant improvements in sleep quality lasting 52 weeks after 12 weeks of yoga classes or 1-on-1 PT, which ... Read More »

Physical exercise can trigger migraine attacks in women (Best tips)

Physical exercise

Despite doctors recommending regular aerobic exercise to prevent migraines, physical exercise can actually be a trigger of migraine attacks for most women because of “anxiety sensitivity” in them, find researchers. “Anxiety sensitivity” refers to one’s fear of experiencing anxiety arousal due to harmful physical, cognitive and socially-observable consequences, which may be related to physical activity (PA) avoidance in migraine patients. ... Read More »

Obesity causes diabetes in women, kidney disease in men


Obesity poses a higher risk of type 2 diabetes in women, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and chronic kidney disease in men, said a new study from the University of Oxford. “The study shows just how harmful carrying excess weight can be to human health, and that women and men may experience different diseases as a result,” said the ... Read More »

How meditation can help you to become less error prone


Researchers have found that meditation could help you to become less error-prone. According to the health experts here, meditation also helps in rejuvenating the mind, mental well-being, better concentration power along with improved memory. Practically stress and unwanted tension are some of the major reasons for short term forgetfulness and unfocused behavior, the experts added. Manish Gupta, the senior consultant ... Read More »

Breast cancer detection through mammography

Breast cancer detection

Mammography is a low dose of radiation X-ray for the breast. Various studies have proven this method helpful for women over 50, a strong medium for cancer screening. Regular Mammography should start as soon as one reaches 50. This should be continued till 70 with a break of two-three years. Those who are at a higher risk should do the ... Read More »

How sleep deprivation affects your performance

sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation affects us much more than prior theories have suggested, say, researchers, adding that it impacts peacekeeping – or, the ability to complete a series of steps without losing one’s place, despite potential interruptions. “Our research showed that sleep deprivation doubles the odds of making peacekeeping errors and triples the number of lapses in attention, which is startling,” said ... Read More »

High-fat diet may increase colon cancer risk

High-fat diet

Two genes that appear to help stem cells in the intestine burn dietary fat may play a role in colon cancer, according to a new study. The study, published in the journal Gastroenterology, described a new connection between the way cells consume fat and how genes regulate stem cell behavior in the intestines of mice. “This is important because scientists ... Read More »

Japan store to replace staff ‘period badges’ after uproar

period badges

A Japanese department store has scrapped a “period badge” for employees that let colleagues know they were menstruating after the policy sparked an internet storm, a spokeswoman said Friday. One of Daimaru’s upscale department stores in the western city of Osaka began the program last month, adopting an idea proposed by female employees. The voluntary badges were intended to alert ... Read More »

Social media use may lead to eating disorder in children

eating disorder in children

Parents, take a note. Researchers have found that excessive use of social media, particularly platforms with a strong focus on image posting and viewing such as Snapchat and Instagram, is associated with eating disorders in young adolescents. For the study, published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders, researchers examined data on 996 grade 7 and 8 adolescents. “While a ... Read More »